The Food Explorers programme encourages healthy, home-cooked options over fast, processed foods.  We believe that the best way to get kids to choose healthy foods is to get them excited about it first.  Learning cooking and growing food skills enables children to be open to trying new ingredients and flavours while connecting them to where their food really comes from...before it ends up in the shops!


Given the cultural and economic diversity of London, our goal is to use the wealth of food & gardening experience available to educate

and motivate children to make healthier food choices.  We aim to improve long term eating habits & food education by exposing children to a wide range of fun, practical skills & experiences.  





the food explorers

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"Thank you for the Food Explorers.  It has been immensely successful with our schools & enriched the lives of so many of our young people."

      - The Mayor Councillor Robert Freeman 

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