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City Living, Local Life


"Schools across the borough have benefited through the Food Explorers, who have provided school children with a range of beneficial outings and activities raising awareness of food - where it comes from and how to make healthier life choices. The projects have involved hundreds of schools children, parents and staff while also bringing in the support of several local businesses such as Jamie's Kitchen and Whole Foods". - Ollie Levy - City Living, Local Life Project Officer  


RBKC Environmental Team


"What the Food Explorers programme provides to these schools is a week packed full of dynamic food education.  Everything from identifying what parts of a plant fruit and vegetables come from, to cooking skills led by a teen chef, to field trips - the impact is shown by the immensely positive feedback from students & teachers.  They work hard to understand the unique culture in each school and to create a programme that is both cost effective and measurable.  To date, the Food Explorers have been asked to return for a second year in almost every school they have worked with." - Terry Oliver, Environment Manager, RBKC

Westminster City Council

"The Food Explorers are enthusiastic and hands on!  Their (food education) weeks at a selection of our primary schools have provided many local children with key facts and understanding about healthy lifestyle choices and experiences from an imaginative selection of visits across London" - Georgina Hunter Gordon, Place Shaping Officer, Westminster Council

Tools Group UK

Whole Foods Market

Little Dish UK



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